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How to add supporters to your Mobilize dashboard
How to add supporters to your Mobilize dashboard
Bring your supporters to Mobilize to keep them engaged
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There are many ways you can bring your supporters to Mobilize to keep them engaged. To start adding supporters to your Mobilize dashboard...

Create an interest form

Interest forms are a great way to collect supporter information quickly and easily. All supporters have to do is fill out their contact information to sign up, and they'll be added to your dashboard. We recommend new organizations create an interest form right after creating a Mobilize dashboard, and link to it wherever supporters are already asked to take action (from your website, emails, etc). Create an interest form the same way you create an event.

Create an event

Once you start organizing events and actions on Mobilize, your supporters can sign up, and will automatically be added to your dashboard.

If you're not organizing events right away, fundraising campaigns and petitions are a great way to get your supporters started on Mobilize so they can take future action in one-click. They'll also be subscribed to your automated weekly newsletter so they know when you add new events.

Add supporters to created events

After you've created an event, you can add supporters to individual shifts.

Create an event campaign

Event campaigns create opportunities for your supporters to host events and become volunteer leaders. Attendees of events hosted by your supporters are automatically added to your dashboard.

Promote another organization’s events

When you promote an organization, its events and actions show up in your feed. Mobilize shares signup data with with your organization, and the promoted organization. You can also request to be promoted in another organization's feed, or promote an individual event from another organization.

Tips and tricks for supporter recruitment

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